• eLearnSecurity – eJPT (Junior Penetration Tester)

    The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) is a 100% practical certification on penetration testing and information security essentials. By passing the exam, a cyber security professional proves to employers they are ready for a rewarding new career.

    By obtaining the eJPT Gold, your skills in the following areas will be assessed and certified:

    • TCP/IP
    • IP routing
    • LAN protocols and devices
    • HTTP and web technologies
    • Essential penetration testing processes and methodologies
    • Basic vulnerability assessment of networks
    • Basic vulnerability assessment of web applications
    • Exploitation with Metasploit
    • Simple web application manual exploitation
    • Basic information gathering and reconnaissance
    • Simple scanning and profiling the target

    Sales Page:  https://elearnsecurity.com/product/ejpt-certification/

  • eLearnSecurity – eWDP (Web Defense Professional)

    The eLearnSecurity Web Defense Professional (eWDP) is a senior-level, practical web defense certification that proves a cyber security professional’s defense domain capabilities.

    eWDP is different from your standard cyber security exam. Here’s how:

    • Pushes candidates to autonomously validate security fixes through proof-of-concept exploits
    • Compels candidates to demonstrate the impact of security issues to development teams and managers
    • Ensures that the candidate can mitigate security issues even when changing the code is not possible through virtual patching
      Tests a candidate’s understanding of web application security defense theory through a challenging multiple choice pre-exam.
    • Ensures that candidates can identify and propose valid solutions to vulnerable web applications through a practical, hands-on examination.
    • Challenges candidate to assess and mitigate findings from a penetration test report
  • eLearnSecurity – MASPT (Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing)

    Contenuto del corso eLearnSecurity – MASPT :

    • In depth mobile applications static and dynamic analysis
    • Practice on real world mobile applications
    • Build your own home lab on mobile application security
    • Provides you the skills necessary to peform Penetration tests of mobile applications
    • Covers: APKTool, Dex2Jar, GDB Debugger, Cycript and many others
    • After obtaining the eMAPT certification qualifies you for 40 CPE
    • Start from iOS and Android architectures basics
    • Exposes Android and iOS vulnerabilities in-depth
    • Covers mobile OSs security mechanisms and implementations
    • Covers Mobile applications reverse engineering

    Sezione Android:

    • Module 1 : Android: Android Architectures
    • Module 2 : Android: Setting up a Testing Environment
    • Module 3 : Android: Android Build Process
    • Module 4 : Android: Reversing APKs
    • Module 5 : Android: Device Rooting
    • Module 6 : Android: Android Application Fundamentals
    • Module 7 : Android: Network Traffic
    • Module 8 : Android: Device and Data Security
    • Module 9 : Android: Tapjacking
    • Module 10 : Android: Static Code Analysis
    • Module 11 : Android: Dynamic Code Analysis

    Sezione iOS :

    • Section: iOS
    • Module 1 : iOS: iOS Architecture
    • Module 2 : iOS: Device Jailbreaking
    • Module 3 : iOS: Setting up a Testing Environment
    • Module 4 : iOS: iOS Build Process
    • Module 5 : iOS: Reversing iOS Apps
    • Module 6 : iOS: iOS Application Fundamentals
    • Module 7 : iOS: iOS Testing Fundamentals
    • Module 8 : iOS: Network Traffic
    • Module 9 : iOS: Device Administration
    • Module 10 : iOS: Dynamic Analysis

    Sales Page: https://legacy.elearnsecurity.com/course/mobile_application_security_and_penetration_testing/


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