• eLearnSecurity – eCDFP (Certified Digital Forensics Professional)

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP) is an advanced digital forensics exam meant for senior-level cyber security professionals. A successful certification allows digital forensics investigators to prove their technical digital forensics expertise.

    The eCDFP is a certification for individuals with highly technical understanding of networks, systems and cyber attacks. Everyone can attempt the certification exam, however here are the recommended skills, taught within the Digital Forensics Professional learning path that will help you pass the exam:

    • Analyzing traffic capture files
    • File systems and disk editors
    • Constructing actionable timelines
    • Proficiency in log analysis
    • Manual intrusion detection skills using the established forensics-related toolkit
    • Correlating data from various sources
    • Letters of engagement and the basics related to a forensic investigation engagement
    • Networking concepts
    • Digital forensics processes and methodologies
    • Proficiency in file & disk analysis
    • Analyzing Windows artifacts

    Sales Page: https://elearnsecurity.com/product/ecdfp-certification/


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