• eLearnSecurity – Penetration Testing Student v3 (Italiano)

    Il corso Penetration Testing Student v3 è stato creato per tutti quelli che hanno poche conoscenze nel settore della sicurezza informatica e che vogliono entrare nel campo del penetration testing.

    Fornisce solide basi grazie a lezioni teoriche supportate da esercitazioni pratiche all’interno del laboratorio virtuale più avanzato al mondo.

    Dopo aver seguito il corso, lo studente sarà in possesso delle competenze di base sul penetration testing e sarà in grado di eseguire audit di sicurezza di base.

    Il corso Student v3 è stato concepito come il primo passo nel penetration testing e ti prepara per il corso Penetration Testing Professional, che contiene argomenti e laboratori più avanzati.

  • eLearnSecurity – Web Application Penetration Testing eXtreme (WAPTX)

    • The most advanced course on Web App Pentesting
    • Based on techniques professional pentesters uses
    • Master Advanced Web Application Security tools
    • In depth Web Application Vulnerbailities analysis
    • XSS, SQL Injection, HTML5 and much more
    • In depth obfuscation and encoding techniques
    • Bypassing filters and WAF techniques
    • HTML5 attacks vectors and exploits
    • From the creators of Coliseum and Hack.me
    • Gives you access to dedicated forums
    • Makes you an advanced Web Application Pentester
    • After obtaining the eWPTX certification qualifies you for 40 CPE
  • eLearnSecurity – eCDFP (Certified Digital Forensics Professional)

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP) is an advanced digital forensics exam meant for senior-level cyber security professionals. A successful certification allows digital forensics investigators to prove their technical digital forensics expertise.

    The eCDFP is a certification for individuals with highly technical understanding of networks, systems and cyber attacks. Everyone can attempt the certification exam, however here are the recommended skills, taught within the Digital Forensics Professional learning path that will help you pass the exam:

    • Analyzing traffic capture files
    • File systems and disk editors
    • Constructing actionable timelines
    • Proficiency in log analysis
    • Manual intrusion detection skills using the established forensics-related toolkit
    • Correlating data from various sources
    • Letters of engagement and the basics related to a forensic investigation engagement
    • Networking concepts
    • Digital forensics processes and methodologies
    • Proficiency in file & disk analysis
    • Analyzing Windows artifacts

    Sales Page: https://elearnsecurity.com/product/ecdfp-certification/

  • eLearnSecurity – eWDP (Web Defense Professional)

    The eLearnSecurity Web Defense Professional (eWDP) is a senior-level, practical web defense certification that proves a cyber security professional’s defense domain capabilities.

    eWDP is different from your standard cyber security exam. Here’s how:

    • Pushes candidates to autonomously validate security fixes through proof-of-concept exploits
    • Compels candidates to demonstrate the impact of security issues to development teams and managers
    • Ensures that the candidate can mitigate security issues even when changing the code is not possible through virtual patching
      Tests a candidate’s understanding of web application security defense theory through a challenging multiple choice pre-exam.
    • Ensures that candidates can identify and propose valid solutions to vulnerable web applications through a practical, hands-on examination.
    • Challenges candidate to assess and mitigate findings from a penetration test report
  • eLearnSecurity – ePTP (Penetration Testing Professional)

    Penetration Testing Professional, or PTP, is the most comprehensive, extremely hands-on online training course on penetration testing. It covers everything you – the modern pentester – should know about system, network, WiFi, and web application security. Integrated with eLearnSecurity’s own Hera Lab, PTP also allows you to test your practical skills on real-world network scenarios.

    pagina di vendita ==> https://elearnsecurity.com/


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